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    Pukhraj Organic Aloevera Plant
    100% Pure & Trusted
    Ayurvedic Healthcare Products
    Health Juices
    Health Powder
    Herbal Capsules
    Pukhraj Organic is providing the people with the best of health products which are
    natural and are of the highest quality. Repeated use of Pukhraj Organic's Products
    helps in the overall goodness of our Health ...
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    Ayurvedic Product Manufacturing
    Skin Care
    Hair Care
    Herbal Soaps
    Pain Reliever
    Pukhraj strives for complete Skin and Beauty care through its
    Ayurvedic Herbal Products, which are specially formulated by
    the expert team after years of research ...
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    Research & Development
    Well Qualified Research Team
    Compliant with GMP manufacturing equipments
    Authentic raw materials and natural elements


Why we are still moving ahead ...

“Pukhraj Organic” came as a blessing in disguise for us, when we all were busy in promoting Quality products, Sukhjeet Singh Cheema was busy carving out a new baby for PUKHRAJ’s growth, sustainability & popularity ...



Serving the Mankind with herbal products.

Pukhraj Organic unit is equipped with modern state of the art equipment so that traditional formation can take advantage of modern technology's speed, precision, accuracy & hygiene. The products are manufactured strictly in accordance with ...


Quality Control & Safety

Customer Deserves The Best

A state of the art Quality Control & Assurance Laboratory attached with the Manufacturing unit provides advanced scientific evaluator support to the research works & assures the safety of the medicaments manufactured, from farm ...

Skin Care

Healthy skin starts with a commitment to a regular skin care regimen, using high quality products every day. While we often think of the face first when it comes to caring for the skin, the skin on the body also needs attention. Pukhraj Organic specialize in providing only the best products that care for skin from head to toe.

Health Care

Being healthy is one of the greatest gifts of nature given to us and our healthcare juices and powders range help you to maintain the same. Formulated using pure extracts of herbs and other natural ingredients, our products are derived from the time-tested heritage of Ayurveda, and backed by the most modern scientific test & trials that ensure quality and safety.

Hair Care

Take great care of your hair from root to end with Pukhraj Hair Care Products. No matter what your hair's characteristics, you can find a variety of daily care products to keep it looking and feeling its best. From shampoos to scalp treatments, Pukhraj Organic offers a wide selection of products to help keep your hair healthy and looking beautiful.

Pain Reliever

Due to busy schedule and rigorous physical activities, people are suffering from various types of muscular and joint pains. Our Ayurvedic formula strengthens joints, muscles and ligaments naturally and eradicates pain. Effective for Joint pain, Waist pain, Knee pain, Neck & Shoulder pain, Muscular pain, Back pain, Cramps, Sprain, Headache, Cervical, Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Gout.

Herbal Soaps

Many of the cosmetic soaps contain harmful chemicals that in fact clog the pores, result in the hardening of toxins and body oils, skin irritation, rash and allergies, acne and even more serious skin infections.
Pukhraj Organic offers herbal soaps made of natural ingredients and essential oils in their whole form that are proven to have a wholesome effect on the skin. These herbs are medicinal in nature and have an invigorating effect on skin health, lustre and texture.

Research & Development

Our fulltime R&D team operates a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, allowing us to conduct the majority of our Research and Development tests on site. This greatly contributes towards an expedited manufacturing time, thanks to convenient testing and formulation development.
Our chemists utilize a vast collection of authoritative and innovative resources to conduct research ...

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  • Why us ?

    Formulated from the choicest of herbs and other natural ingredients. All our products are blended with certified botanical ingredients. We provide unique, safe & completely natural formulations ...

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  • Our Vision

    The motivation that runs our sustained growth & popularity in the Health Care Field is based on these three key points. These are : Customers, Innovation, Quality.

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